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 Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing


Prenatal DNA Testing

 Non Invasive DNA Testing UK

Paternity testing has always been a service that has been used around the world to clarify biological relationships between father and child. DNA testing between alleged fathers and children is available throughout many countries and continues to be a service in much demand. Various television shows regularly feature DNA testing for paternity disputes and finding lost relatives. In addition to this numerous celebrities have been involved in paternity disputes and this has brought DNA testing services considerable media exposure.

Prenatal paternity testing is a much sensitive subject due to the ethical and moral issues involved, and certain invasive prenatal tests do carry a small risk to the unborn child during the extraction process.
Some medical professionals may be reluctant to carry out a prenatal paternity test, especially if it’s to establish paternity only. In some cases if a prenatal test is concluded and the result is not what was
expected the mother may terminate the pregnancy.

Recently a pioneering breakthrough in science has been developed and now available to expectant mothers that wish to determine paternity before the child is born in a safe non invasive way. You can follow the links on this website to find out further information on the non invasive procedure and other prenatal paternity options available.

If you’re expecting a child and considering taking a prenatal test you should consider all parties involved and all procedures performed. You may want to consider counseling during this process.

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